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About Caleb Cindano

Caleb, based in Windhoek - Namibia, is a powerful conduit between Southern Africa and Hollywood where he actively maintains relations with Studio Executives and Producers to ensure a constant flow of films for CamelEye Productions and Southern Africa.

Caleb Cindano has been active in the Entertainment Industry since the age of six. He lived in Los Angeles for six years where he studied Film at UCLA Extension specialising in Film Directing and Film Music.

He worked side-by-side with Mel Gibson at Icon Productions for seven months implementing the highly effective marketing strategy for; The Passion of the Christ. Following the release of The Passion, he worked on the marketing of movies such as: Polar Express; Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia, Rocky Balboa, Expelled and The Perfect Game.

In 2014, Caleb Cindano and his production company - CamelEye Productions, along with an all-Namibian cast and crew, broke the Guinness World Record for (Fastest Film Produced from Script to Screen). The 84-minute feature film is titled Just Drive - A Namibian Story, produced from Script to Screen in 10 days - 4 hours - 47 minutes.